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BPT GSM Entry System

BPT GSM Entry System

BPT security System- a specialist in door entry, access control and gate automation - has launched a range of door entry panels that use GSM mobile phone and landline telephone technology.

The GSM range of door entry panels has been designed by BPT as a cost-effective solution for applications where a hard-wired door entry system cannot be installed.

Utilising GSM and landline telephone networks, the new door entry panels readily overcome such obstacles by allowing a call from the panel to go straight to a conventional mobile phone or to a land line, depending on the panel selected. In fact, calls can be forwarded to eight other numbers.

The GSM range is both durable and attractive. The panels are available with one to 24 buttons and optional illuminated keypad with 400 access codes and can be surface or flush mounted. The panels are also extremely easy to install, requiring just three connections.

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