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Most commonly used diagram for home wiring in the UK.

House wiring diagrams including floor plans as part of electrical project can be found at this part of our website. Learning those pictures will help you better understand the basics of home wiring and could implement these principles in practise.

Many of us are wondering if the electrical wiring is safety in their homes, how good is the connections and how safety is a fuse box. Probably some of us would like to get some knowledge how to do the electrical wiring in the property before they contact an electrical company asking for the quote. Frankly speaking it is a good idea to get some basic information regarding rewiring in your home, what to ask electrician in his first visit and how don’t get them play a trick on you regarding the price.

Please note that it is expected that the person carrying out work in accordance with this guide will be competent to do so.

Sockets wiring diagram

sockets wiring diagram

For simple electrical installations we commonly use this house wiring diagram. On example shown you can find out the type of a cable used to supply a feed to every particular circuit in a home, the type and rating of circuit breakers - devices supposed to protect your installation from overload or short current.

Lights wiring diagram

lights wiring diagram

As you can see all the installation is divided to 7 (can be more) different circuits to provide safely isolating the supply without the need of interrupting the supply to other circuits. Make sure that each device used for isolating should be clearly identified which circuit it belongs to by durable labels fixed at the consumer unit. Simply speaking you have to use only Twin & Earth 2.5mm cable for socket circuits and 1.5mm cable for lighting circuits. Do not feed light circuit using 2.5mm cable and vice versa. For cooker or inductive hobs use at least 6mm or 10mm cable depending on the consumption of the appliances and 10mm cable is to be used to supply the feed to electric shower.

Typical circuits wiring diagram

house wiring diagram

In the example above we provided the most common home wiring diagram for 2 bedrooms flat, showing the wiring diagram for the lighting circuits on a different scheme for easy understanding of the routes of the cables through the property. The wiring diagram for the 3 bedroom flats or 5 bedroom houses will be slightly different due to the size of the property and quantity of sockets installed.

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