LED Lighting Call

led panel lumipanel

Honeywell Electrical Devices & Systems (ED&S) has called for a worldwide switch to LED lighting, claiming that organisations across the globe – large and small – have a responsibility to seriously consider this energy efficient lighting in the drive to combat climate change and save energy.

With lighting representing on average 21 per cent of a building’s total energy consumption and accounting for 19 per cent of global energy production, the global electrical products and systems company believes a switch to LED lighting could now be one of the biggest drivers of energy savings.

Energy savings can, in fact, equate to 60 per cent when comparing a Honeywell LED tube at 23 watts with a typical fluorescent tube at 58 watts.

‘It’s been predicted that LED technology could dominate the lighting market by 2015 – but it needs to be sooner, ‘commented Lohn Storey, global business director of LED Lighting for Honeywell ED&S.

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