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Legrand Lighting Control System - Wattstopper

Legrand's wattstopper system

Legrand has taken strides to help UK businesses significantly reduce energy consumption by launching a lighting management solution that has the potential to pay for itself in energy savings within 18-months.

DTi figures show that lighting accounts for 20 per cent of the annual electricity consumption in non-residential buildings, a figure that equates to 15.2million tonnes of CO2 at a cost of £3.6billion. Meanwhile, research has found that a minimum of 30 per cent of this energy, and therefore cost, can be saved by using lighting control devices that are set to automatically turn off lights when a space is unoccupied.

Legrand’s sustainable development manager, Alastair Ramsay said: “The pressure to reduce energy consumption is coming from all sides, whether through legislation (Part L and CRCEES) or environmental schemes (BREEAM and LEED), and it is clear that lighting management systems can play a key role in delivering significant reductions.”

The easy to install Legrand lighting management system incorporates three different sensors and a choice of two remote configurators, making it suitable for all kinds of commercial establishments and applications.

Passive Infrared (PIR) sensors can detect both presence and absence by measuring the heat difference between people and ambient space, and are ideal for areas up to 45m2 without obstacles such as small offices and boardrooms. For areas up to 150m2 with obstacles, such as open plan offices and warehouse facilities, the range’s Ultrasonic sensors are ideal. These detect occupancy by transmitting sound waves throughout an area and measure the speed at which they come back. Uniquely, the range also features a dual technology sensor that incorporates both PIR and Ultrasonic detection and is suitable for areas of up to 90m2 with or without obstacles.

The inclusion of remote configurators enables all sensors to be easily programmed and re-programmed without ever having to be removed from ceilings or walls.

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