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Ryefield distribution boards. Technical specs and prices. Full range of TPN boards supply.

Ryefield distribution board is one of the most popular brand of LV distribution fuseboard on the market offering a robust electrical wiring solution for a multi dwelling residential setting ... read more


New power distribution desk modules from Electrak

Fresh from celebrating its 30th anniversary, Electrak has further enhanced its position as a leader in commercial power distribution solutions by unveiling its next generation of desk modules, Intersoc-R...... read more


Wiring your house. Running cable in solid walls

Unless you live in a timber-framed house, most of your walls - downstairs, at least - will be of solid masonry, and the neatest way of running cables across them is to cut channels called chases in the wall surface. The cable is then secured in the chase with clips and plastered over...... read more


Wiring your house. Planning cable runs. Part Two.

If you want to run bare cables to new lights or wiring accessories, perhaps as a temporary measure until you redecorate the room and can then conceal the cable runs, simply secure them in place with cable clips at about 300mm intervals.... read more


Wiring your house. Planning cable runs. Part One.

If you want to alter or extend your home’s wiring in any way, you will have to decide how you are going to run the cable from A to B – for example, to supply an extra socket outlet wired up as a branch from the existing power socket. ... read more


House wiring diagram. Most commonly used diagram for home wiring in the UK.

House wiring diagrams including lights wiring diagram and sockets wiring diagram can be found at this part of our website. Learning those pictures we made for you it is obvious you would better understand the basics of home wiring and could implement these principles in practise. ... read more


Does your property need a complete rewire?

If your electrical survey has thrown up an unsatisfactory result, or the wiring in your home is very old and you need a rewire, follow these simple guidelines. ... read more


Rewire first, decorate later

Rewiring your home can be a messy job – it’s best to forget about decorating until it is finished. It can also cause major disruptions to the household as carpets and floorboards are up. ... read more


How safe is the wiring in your home?

In less time than you may think, the electrics in your home can become damaged or worn through general wear and tear. It’s important to get them inspected and tested to check they’re still safe to use. ... read more


Tri-Load distributor board from Havells

Havells Switchgear has launched Tri-Load – a ground –breaking new three –section MCB TPN distribution board for commercial building applications. Offering a future-proof approach to the metering requirements... read more


New range CCTV Pro cameras from ESP

ESP has extended its CCTV offering with the addition of its new PRO camera range, which provides a dramatically increased picture resolution alongside image management features, promising installers a superior security solution.... read more


Voltis 100A voltage optimiser

A ground-breaking voltage optimiser that bridges the gap between domestic and commercial/industrial installations has been unveiled by Marshall-Tufflex Energy Management.... read more


LED tube lighting

With lighting representing on average 21 per cent of a building’s total energy consumption and accounting for 19 per cent of global energy production, the global electrical products and systems company believes ... read more


ultra-slim led panel - Lumipanel

Lumiance has introduced the LumiPanel, a stylish family of ultra-slim LED panels, available in both round and square formats, suitable for surface-mounting, recessing or suspending. Elegant yet extremely easy to install, the LumiPanel is ideal for installation in a multitude of applications, including: hospitality, retail and corporate offices where ... read more


Every second counts

The above incident highlights how important it can be to minimise the time it takes for the alarm to be raised to protect life and property when a fire occurs. Detecting fire and sounding the alarm at the earliest opportunity maximises the time available for occupants to take appropriate escape action and to contact the Fire and Rescue Service.... read more


Illuminating LEDs

Over the coming years, in order to reduce CO2 emissions, EU legislation will enforce a gradual phase-out of the most inefficient lighting products. However, there are huge savings to be made by making the switch to energy-efficient lighting solutions sooner rather than later. ... read more


BPT GSM security system

BPT security System- a specialist in door entry, access control and gate automation - has launched a range of door entry panels that use GSM mobile phone and landline telephone technology. The GSM range of door entry panels has been designed by BPT as a cost-effective solution for applications where a hard-wired door entry system cannot be installed. ... read more


Legrand Lighting Control System - Wattstopper

Legrand has taken strides to help UK businesses significantly reduce energy consumption by launching a lighting management solution that has the potential to pay for itself in energy savings within 18-months. DTi figures show that lighting accounts for 20 per cent of the annual electricity consumption in non-residential buildings, a figure that equates to 15.2million tonnes of CO2 at a cost of £3.6billion.... read more