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Tri-Load distributor board from Havells

Tri-load board Havells

Havells Switchgear has launched Tri-Load – a ground –breaking new three –section MCB TPN distribution board for commercial building applications. Offering a future-proof approach to the metering requirements of Part L2 of the Building Regulations, Tri-Load is the only standard distribution board that conveniently separates small power circuits, lighting circuits and mechanical services loads and provides net energy values of each load type.

Tri-Load is uniquely capable of independently monitoring lighting, small power and auxiliary service loads, to ensure data capture and analysis for building managers is meaningful and effective.

There has not been a better metered board available that can create a true profile and useful breakdown of energy consumption in modern buildings. With its ‘three load’ approach, Tri-Load delivers on that promise. Specifying Tri-Load will give building owners and managers the ability to monitor and extract useful data on their building’s energy consumption data, split out by three categories: power, lighting and mechanical services – the ideal solution for compliance with Part L2 of the Building Regulations.’

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