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Make your house the most pleasant place with Office Light Construction's home climate control systems. Intelligence and innovations are on the guard of your comfort when using climate control systems by our company.

Climate Control

Climate Control
as a Part of Your Smart Home System

What is climate control and why is it so important today? Our company faces this question daily. Do you know it is the inner climate that impacts much your health condition and well-being? If the climate of the room is too cold, humid, or on the contrary, it is too dry, it could make you feel unwell. Climate control systems help to regulate microclimate in the room or the whole building by applying automatic solutions to air conditioning, heating, and ventilation in the house. With our Loxone domotic solutions, you can have a comfortable climate in separate rooms depending on their purpose. We'll provide you with ecological and effective automation that will help you in maintaining microclimate around the clock. Using our wide experience and innovative technologies by Loxone, we'll create the most comfortable atmosphere for your resting, working or everyday routines.

Climate Control
Climate Control
Climate Control
Climate Control
Climate Control

Far More Than Just Heating and Cooling
That's Smart Home Innovation

Be sure that climate control systems in your home are the most functional and effective with Office Light Construction!

Automated Eco Heating

Heating should be smoothly controlled to bring warmth to your home. With automated eco heating control by Loxone, each of your rooms will maintain a comfortable temperature depending on your requirements, outer weather conditions, and your presence in the room.

Energy Saving

No need to pay extra for energy and heating. With climate control solutions by Office Light Construction, you can save on gas heating and eliminate the consumption of electric energy due to smart adjusting of temperature including the use of natural insolation.

Economy Mode

If you are not at home, the climate control system can help you save even more. During your absence, it will switch to economy mode. However, you can set a timer, and the house will be heated to a comfortable temperature just in time for your arrival.

Building Protection

Our smart climate controls ensure building protection. Just indicate critical temperatures that may cause building damage to make the whole system react on them to protect the construction.

Remote Heating Control.

You can manage the climate remotely using an app and Wi-Fi for heating control or adjusting the air conditioning, Even when you are out, you can control the climate in your house easily.

Urgent Notification

You are always keeping abreast. The app will provide you with real-time information about all the indicators of microclimate. In case something goes wrong, you get notifications timely.

Recording Data

Loxone provides wireless climate control along with a thorough recording of the statistics. You can get reports on each period about energy consumption, temperature graphs, and all the necessary data.

Calendar Marks

Using Loxone, you can adjust the climate in your home to a certain date. The system will remind you about chosen settings for national holidays, for example.

Regular Maintenance

You won't forget about wireless thermostat maintenance or regular cleaning of the system as your climate control will remind you of it and Office Light Construction's servicemen will provide you with it.

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Controlling the Climate
Was Never so Easyl

Climate Control

Controlling the Climate
Was Never so Easyl

What could be easier than controlling the indoor climate using your smartphone! We offer not only effective solutions in the field of ventilation and heating control but also the ability to simplify your life by remotely controlling a smart climate control system using an app. All you need is to call specialists from Office Light Construction to install the climate control system and install the application on your phone or tablet. You will be able to control temperature, humidity, ventilation in the house even hundreds of kilometers away. For the convenience of settings, you can select the desired mode, set the boundary temperatures to protect the building, and choose comfortable conditions for yourself and your loved ones with the creation of a microclimate in each room separately.

Our masters will help you learn how to operate a smart climate control system, and our managers are always in touch if you have questions about the management and operation of Loxone climate control systems.